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Monday, November 9, 2009
-Just because i'm not talking to you doesn't mean i'm not thinking of you.❤

October 29, Thursday.
i know this was long time ago, lols, but still.. i need to post about it, in case i forgot. (:
went 1u with sook wen, Valerie, sze huey and ning.
woke up in the morning then went sook wen's house to fetch her.
we decided to meet at MC Donald. once we reached MC Donald, i saw many chs students, they got rock climbing on that day. i felt damn paiseh when i saw them, so i texted sue may and told her i saw them (: and she came out and find me..
after lunch, we went for snooker and bowling. fyi, i don't know how to play snooker, but I THINK still okay lah, haha.
after that, went old town white coffee yam cha, i don't know what thing made all of us laugh like mad, lols.

-to be continue-

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Thursday, October 15, 2009
-Just because i'm not talking to you doesn't mean i'm not thinking of you.❤

ehhhehehhe. x)
actually i come here just to clean up those spider webs and tell you that my blog still alive. =D
well, there is nothing to blog about..seems like everyone also blog bout pmr... i don't think I'm happy now...
went to school today to return the stupid sbpt or spbt books, whatever, i don't care! its really really stupid! after pmr still need to go to school.. ehhehhe, my mum lagi proud, haha she asked me why after pmr your school never let you all rest one?? should let you all rest what, when the results come out, newspaper sure got catholic one, you all should tell them, if dont have you all catholic wont be so proud. lols. well, i agree with it. hahahaha. =D
the sampat lao called me today when i was still at school. hahahahaha because i texted him and his phone out of credit. =) chatted for 3 minutes then school dismissed. reached home, online, his status was busy and display name was 'doing assignment' EHLEH! chatted with him, he asked me got mic anot, com-piu-terrrr mic.. lols, well, i dont have.. then he wanted to start a video call, well, i don't have webcam cause I'm using public com-piu-terrr. hahahahahah so he asked me to see him only, lols so he reply me by his mouth and i reply him by my hand.. hahahahaha, damn silly lor, he kept saying those lame and silly stuff and made me laugh like shit! okok skip, just to write it out so that when i grow bigger i will remember what happened in my life. =) cause i think my memory...........................
hmm, i wanted to change blog skin but because the codes got a bit messed up.. so... i also don't know whats that..haihh when i nearly gao dim then my com-piu-terrrr auto shut down, i was like WHAT THE FUCK??!! i haven't save yet. -.-'' haihh, so now, i have to re-do everything, but its okay lah, I'm free now! woohoooo~

thanks pek see for helping me. =DDDDD
boo sue may that poor little thing don't want to help me.. T.T but its okay lah! =DD

last but not least,

well, i know i late ady...sorry =DD

did i left anything?????


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Sunday, September 27, 2009
-Just because i'm not talking to you doesn't mean i'm not thinking of you.❤

a panda bearbrick!! lols, but why the picture so small one? aiya, don't care lah..
went sunway lagoon on Monday =D not going to details cause i don't know how to write. -.-''
these days, never study, sleep, watch movie and drama, play com and eat whole day. now got a bit regret. lol
planned to go sg wang today to support thomas jack, but got seminar, some more kena ffk-ed.. so.. haihh.. T.T then cousins asked me want album want signature anot.. i never reply them cause i was sleeping after seminar.. then.. oh my god!!! really feel like crying de leh. =/ haihh.. and i havent wash my school shoes.. haihhhhhh.. and kah sing.. haihhh.... LOL banyak fui..
cant continue already lah, bye.

yingwei love bearbricks. =D


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Wednesday, August 12, 2009
-Just because i'm not talking to you doesn't mean i'm not thinking of you.❤

2507, Saturday
went dance class, tuition. watched let's dance. then i don't know ady.
they wished me happy birthday. =) thanks!
then chit-chatted. =]
Happy Birthday to Mei Hui. =]

2607, Sunday
went tuition, had fun. =)
whole class knew its my birthday. -.-'' credits to the blackie, shortie, fatty, etc..
after tuition, went king crab to order food for tonight.
went home.. then don't know what happened..
night, went king crab.. dined with big big family. =D
celebrate together with sister. Lol not going to explain why.. long long story. =]
saw sue may and family. She don't want to eat my cake and now i don't want to friend her ady. =]
went home, watched tv.
nearly 12 am, received a phone call. guess who.. haha! idiot! laivincyue.. xD
he : "hello."
me: "harlo."
he : "happy birthday aah!"
me : lols, stunning.. -.-'' i want to ask him know when is my birthday anot.. because i scared he thought is 2707.. LOL.. then..
he : "eh, i not forget leh!"
me : "uhhuh uhhuh, then?"
he : "because aah... i cant be the first one mah.. so i be the last one lor.."
me : " wow! "
then crapping... don't want tell you. xD
to all, thanks! =]
Happy Birthday to Jia Ren. =]
Happy Birthday to Chiah Yee's mum. =]
Happy Birthday to Kai Liang's sis. lols
Happy Birthday to Tan Ying Wei! =D

2707, Monday
wished stanley at 12am. =] and i forced him to call me jie jie.. hahahahaha..
school as usual lor.. cant remember ady lah.. =D
Happy Birthday to Sai Lou, Stanley Phuah Chu Kang! =]

2807, Tuesday
school as usual.
scolded someone in class. omg!
Happy Birthday to Pui Mun. =]

2907, Wednesday
report card day i think. if i'm not worng lah.
dear gave me lots of present. =) love them. =D
mum reached at 10am.. premah just said "she nothing lah, just quite talkactive, but still okay lah" hehe, so proud. =D
panda's mum fetched us to mv.. not going to details.
chatted with her mum.. hahas. =]
reached- bought movie tickets - search for something - ate mcdonald =D -played bowling =] - watched land of the lost - played bowling again -went home by LRT.
haha! i won the matches. xD
mum fetched ning back.. then.....
Happy Birthday to Sharmaine. =]

to be continue.....


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-Just because i'm not talking to you doesn't mean i'm not thinking of you.❤

TAGGED by SARAH CHONG SING WEI (see, i know your full name. haha!)

abc'sShareRULES:Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to copy-paste this note, and answer all the questions. At the end, choose 10 people to be tagged - including the person who tagged you. ABC About You Questions:

A - Available: errr...
B - BIRTHDAY: 26th july
C - CRUSHING ON: errr...
D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: mineral water
E - EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO: many..you want to list out all?
G - GUMMY BEARS OR GUMMY WORMS: both.. i think..
H - HOMETOWN: pj la..
I- IN LOVE WITH: err..
J - JUGGLE: -.-''
K - KILLED SOMEONE: you say leh?!
L - LONGEST CAR RIDE: err.. forgot..
M- MILKSHAKE FLAVOR: chocolate =)
N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: eldest sister & younger brother. =)
O - ONE WISH: hmmm... i wish to have more.. -.-''
P - PERSON YOU CALLED LAST: i dont call people, people called me. =]
R - REASON TO SMILE: err.. dont so geh bo lah.
S- SONG YOU LAST HEARD: never say never
T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: 6.10 am
U - UNDERWEAR COLOR/PATTERN: o.O this world got privacy one kay?
V - VEGETABLE(S): i dont like to eat them. =/
W - WORST HABIT: errr.. too hardworking. =]
X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: pretty fine lor kay?
Y – YOYOS ARE: hmm?

Random Questions

· About YouSpell your name without vowels: you dont know? -.-
· What color do you wear most?: black, white, pink. =D
· Least favorite color?: errr.. dont have i think
· What are you listening to?: songs -.-''
· Are you happy with your life right now?: guess so
· What is your favorite class in school?: this aah.. art class ?

· When do you start back at school/college?: -.-''
· Less Favorite pair of shoes?: i dont know.
· Where do you wish you were right now?: not here.

· Can you dance?: yea of course. =) just simple dance who dont know? -.-''
· Can you tie a cherry stem with you mouth?: teach me?
· Can you whistle?: yea
· Write with both hands?: no
· Walk with your toes curled?: guess so

· Do you believe there is life on other planets?: prove to me?
· Do you believe in miracles?: errr... think so
· Do you believe in magic?: half half
· Love at first sight?: not sure
· Do you believe in Satan?: nope guaa
· Do you believe in Santa?: hmmm
· Do you know how to swim?: err.. i think i know but long time never swim so dont know still know anot. -.-''
· Do you like roller coasters?: of course. =D
· Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality shows?: nope

· Have you ever been on a plane?: yes.
· Have you ever asked someone out?: yes.
· Have you ever been asked out by someone?: yes.
· Have you ever been to the ocean?: yes.
· Have you ever painted your nails?: yes.

· What is the temperature outside?: how i know? 28?
· What radio station do you listen to?: hitzfm, flyfm, myfm
· What was the last restaurant you ate at?: errr.. mum's restaurant. =)
· What was the last thing you bought?: album
· What was the last thing on TV you watched?: yu le bai fen bai. =]

· Who was the last person you IM'd?: errr... forgot. (forgive me? old dy.)
· Who was the last person you took a picture of?: i dont like to take photo. i took it with yingwei
· Who was the last person you said I love you to?: erhemm.. why i want to tell you??

· Ever really cried your heart out?: yea
· Ever cried yourself to sleep?: cant remember, i think nope.
· Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?: nope, nobody want borrow me also. T.T
· Ever cried over the opposite sex?: errr.. dont think so.. but, i dont know.
· Do you cry when you get an injury?: yea. Lol.
· Do certain songs make you cry?: yea. -.-''
· Are you a happy person?: guess so
· What can make you happy?: lots of money, lots of friends, got what i want. =]
· Do you wish you were happier?: emo also very yeng one kay?
· Can music make you happy?: see what music lah

· How many times have you had your heart broken?: wanna know? dont want to tell you. x)
· Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd die for them?: nope. i'm not idiot.

· What is your current hair color?: black & a little brown
· Current piercings?: where? where? where?
· Have any tattoos?: nope, good girl here. =)
· Eye color?: black. T.T

· Favorite eye color: red! -.-'' brown. =]
· Short or long hair: short
· Height: tall!
· Best clothing: err..

· Been to jail: excuse me, dont let me repeat! good girl here.
· Laughed so hard you cried?: no?
· Cried in school: yea
· Thrown up in a store: no
· Done something really stupid that you still laugh at today: yea. Lol
· Gone skinny dipping: ...
· Pepsi or Coke: both. =)
· McDonald's or Burger King: Mc Donald!!! treat me?
· Single or Group Dates: both will do
· Chocolate or Vanilla: both
· Strawberries or Blueberries: Strawberries
· Meat or Veggies: meat?
· TV or Movie: both
· Guitar or Drums?: BOTH!
· Adidas or Nike: Nike
· Chinese or Mexican: chinese
· Cheerios or Corn Flakes: err...
· Cake or Pie: cake. =)


1) no one
2) no one
3) no one
4) no one
5) no one
6) no one
7) no one
8) no one
9) no one
10) no one

ps : sarah, you should be proud. haha! i dont do tag one lor. this is my first time! xD


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Saturday, July 25, 2009
-Just because i'm not talking to you doesn't mean i'm not thinking of you.❤

spider web! shoo! shoo! shoo!
hmm.. so now, my very long story begin. -.-''
0507, Sunday
went tuition, maths lesson was damn funny. x)
after tuition, waited for ning's mum.. WALAO.. her mum very fast aaah. Lol.
shhh.. later she go tell her mother. Lol
her mum reached then fetch us to their house.
when we reached her house, Valerie and jia pei already there.
then we went to her backyard to see her dogs cause she said that they're CUTE..
tell you something lah, not nice de lor. x) *later see kill me* oh! i still got many things haven't do..don't kill me please!!! T.T -.-'' siao..
back to my very long story.. her dogs damn...fierce and huge lor. -.-
so we went to another side to see her ba ge (talking bird) we wanted to see how her ba ge talk, but the bird just laughing like ning's brother or father did. then we laughed also, cause its damn cute. x)
tell you another secret, if you want to buy animal, go ning's house. her house is a pet shop. xD
after that, we headed to caff @ puchong, had brunch there.
texted dear, she said she at ioi and said many lame stuff. -.-''
after eating, they went to sunway. sook wen and i never go , so we waited her sis to fetch us back.
reached home.. what happened?? i don't know. -.-''

0607-1007, Monday-Friday
school as usual..

1107, Saturday
no dance class, teacher went genting for audition. good luck. =D
went tuition as usual.
Friday, skipped school due to some reason *secret* =p
then i don't know ady.

1207, Sunday
went tuition..then.. forgot. aiks. -.-''

school as usual..
Friday night, went for a wedding party with mum. @ errr.. i forgot where.. near Tropicana there lah. =.=''
the puppy damn cute! cuter than panda's punya. xD
then drank lots of beers. midnight, went home, started blur blur but after 5 seconds then nothing ady. Lol never sleep for that day.

1807, Saturday
went dance class and tuition.
went home, watched TV.
mum went for a wedding dinner at JW Marriott, she never bring me go, but my brother. -.-''
so i waited for my dad to come back alone.
7.45pm, dad came back..
first thing he asked is " where is your grandpa?"
me: "at his house lah"
dad: "yea meh?? at house or hospital?"
me: "at house lah.. huh? he went to hospital ady ahh?"
dad: "not meh? he at house aah?" *then he showed me some very lame face*
his face writing.... your grandpa at hospital you also don't know.
then me: " haha! why mummy never tell me de? yer"
8.30pm, went to grandma & pa's house. nobody there. T.T
then went cousin's house, just beside grandma's house. lol
dined then went to hospital, never sleep for that night also.

1907, Sunday
went tuition, brunched, went hospital..
night, daddy went for a wedding dinner again at don't know call what name ady, the jaya 33 that one lah. Lol, but never bring me go. T.T
lol, actually is i don't want go, because they're my grandma's relative.. so i asked my grandma to go.
went pasar malam. =)
bought many things to eat.. lol. =]

2007-2407, Monday- Friday
school as usual.. Tuesday, during kh period.. we asked for pass to go out, teacher was teaching group by group, so she asked where we sit, that time i was standing behind sook wen, and something happened *secret* made us laugh like shit.
Thursday morning, sook min and dear asked me to lend them maths text book after recess.
and you know, i forgot and they never remind me during recess, they just talking crap. then after second bell, i sat down, then stand up again and rushed to upstairs, but when i reached 3C1, pn loo was teaching ady. sorry lah. -.-
and to jas, sorry for that day if made you bu shuang. =/
school damn fun.. something happened also, he thought we wont talk to him cause he did something *secret*, but then, you're wrong! muahhaha.. actually we support him geh. x)
chak soon played with my honey lime water. haihhh. =/ and yet, i wasted it because i don't dare to drink ady. =/

MERDEKA coming.. haha! i don't know that so many people know when is "merdeka" =]
thanks for those who wished me so early! haha. x)
woah, damn tired now. -.-
used my brain and hand for such a stupid long post.
sorry if got any English error.


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Friday, July 10, 2009
-Just because i'm not talking to you doesn't mean i'm not thinking of you.❤

PLEASE SUPPORT 饥饿 30 hour famine !





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Sunday, July 5, 2009
-Just because i'm not talking to you doesn't mean i'm not thinking of you.❤

在我最后一次 闭上眼睛之前
在你怀里 舍不得放弃
我使尽全力 不想闭上眼睛
不能再陪你 但不要忘记
先走了 去了好远的地方
不能再陪你看日出 等不到天亮
所有回忆 抹去 却并不容易
生死由天决定 不要太伤心
在我最后一次 闭上眼睛之前
在你怀里 舍不得放弃
我使尽全力 不想闭上眼睛
不能再陪你 但不要忘记
在我最后一次 闭上眼睛之前
在你怀里 舍不得放弃
我使尽全力 不想闭上眼睛
不能再陪你 但不要忘记
我 永远 爱你。

English version lyric
Before I close my eyes for the last time
I wish to tell you I love you
In your embrace, don't wish to let go
In my heart, thousands of words I have yet to tell you
I used all my strength to keep my eyes from closing
After this farewell, there will be no more meetings, no more can I be by your side
But please don't forget
You promised me you will live on as well as you can

I'm leaving first, leaving for a faraway place
I won't be able to watch the sunrise with you anymore
I won't be able to wait for dawn
Erasing all the memories, is not an easy thing
But life & death are predestined, don't be too sad

关于【lavigne 最后一次】背后故事


okay, wonder how i know this? erhemm.. kay, one day..
chak soon was bored and he found a big big file in someone's drawer,
the file belongs to form 1 student.
we were too bored, so we decided to see what is inside the file.
the file full of lyric, and while teacher was teaching,
chak soon passed me the file and asked me to see the story,
and the lyric written by a 17 years old girl.
its really really touching. but too bad i couldn't listen to the song.
and today, Mr chow yukai sent me this link..
when i saw the title, i was like.. this 17 years old girl and that 17 years old girl is the same person?
then i started to read the story.. its same person!
i was damn happy that i could listen to that song.
thanks chow yukai! haha. =)


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-Just because i'm not talking to you doesn't mean i'm not thinking of you.❤

went tuition.. saw sue may. =) I'm the first one who saw her. Lol.
panda was late. hahaha! tsk!
she wanna talk to me while teacher was teaching and sze huey was between us, so.. hahaha!
she talked to me without any sound and she open her mouth as big as she can. x)
she tried to tell me ' Greenland girl' but i really cant hear (without any sound how to hear? -.-) what she tried to say.. so i kept guessing.
Lol then she repeated 65465 times and i thought she wanna say 'guai lai le' (鬼来了) so i just continue my har har.. lol..
she asked me to look behind,
so i turned my head to the back,
and i cant see any ghost. LOL..
when they know what i heard,
they laughed their ass off weihh, especially sze huey. Lol.

then geo, walao!
i really laughed until nobody business. -.- 45 minutes, wasted!
neh, that siaodig lah. Rohai dao si..
oh yea people, i learn a new word! 'rohai' =)
got scolded by teacher because using phone.
last time he said that ' if you want to use phone never mind, at least you never make noise.'
but then, i used, he said 'blah blah blah, very interesting is it?'
not funny right? but the sook wen laughed like a mad cow. wtf.

sej, kept texting only. 45 minutes, wasted!
ning asked many things bout stanley. haha!
wonder who is he?
phuah chu kang. =)

went to dai gong have lunch there then went home.
texted, slept, woke, dined, watched tv, texted and now chatting. =)
my Saturday was awesome. =)

my small little short cute panda wong xin-ning!
the most rohai people..=)


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Saturday, July 4, 2009
-Just because i'm not talking to you doesn't mean i'm not thinking of you.❤

26.6.09 Friday
before recess was so lifeless. =/ went school to sleep, i better sleep on my bed. then after recess, two periods maths, nothing to do with it. lol, just for your information. after pn loo went off and before pn premah come in, xuann started to show off her 4 packs very nice tissue. == then they started to played some childish games with 4 packs of tissue. they rock my Friday, lol. not only mine, almost half of the class. can you imagine that just 4 packs of tissue can make the class like damn happy? Lol try it next time.

27.7.09 Saturday
skipped school, because its really boring after exam. == went studio, tuition. cant remember what i did. =[

1.7.09 Wednesday
chiah yee, naveen and pn teh's birthday. =)
bought chiah yee present and card, i forgot to buy whitening stuff for naveen as birthday present, sorry naveen. sang birthday song to pn teh, when she passed by our class.
class : happy birthday pn teh! happy birthday pn teh! x168496 times (getting louder and louder and faster. LOL)
pn teh was laughing so hard.
then we started to sing birthday song.
pn teh :" shh..shh.. don't let others people know. shh.."
we sang louder and louder, pn teh ran away kelam-kabut then. Lol

the next time she came to our class.
pn teh :" err..i want to find Leslie chong..."
Leslie was so scared! ahahahhah.
mana tau..
pn teh :" blah blah *forgot what name, not our class Leslie.* leslie chong blah blah"
before she went out, we sang birthday song again, and she ran away kelam-kabut again. Lol
damn cute lah =]

.... i forgot what happened.

2.7.09, Thursday
szehuey's birthday, forgot to bring her card. =/ sorry.
had gotong royong. played sudoku until my brain burst.
pn loo came in, now only they know pn loo pregnant ady. TSK! guys are so retarded.
Leslie was staring pn loo for don't know what reason.
pn loo :" 看什么? "
Leslie :" 看你大肚子。"

walao, i was like wtf eh. later teacher dong toi hei leh.

3.7.09, Friday
class as usual, played sudoku and word search. eyes damn blur. @.@ chatted with friends.
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
wo ren ..
yingwei says:
except ren what can you do?
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
yi ren zai ren
yingwei says:
except yi ren zai ren leh?
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
si dou yao ren
yingwei says:
er ren zai ren
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
san ren zai ren
yingwei says:
don't learn me
think yourself
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
yingwei says:
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
u win
yingwei says:
thank you
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
eh u got listen the song
wo mei you chuo
yingwei says:
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
yingwei says:
who sing de?
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
xiao hong ren
yingwei says:
small red people
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
small red people ?
yingwei says:
not funny meh?
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
ha ?
yingwei says:
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
yingwei says:
so fu yan
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
xiao hong ren
yingwei says:
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
yingwei says:
now only you laugh
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
xiao hong ren
little red plp
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
.. dun go change plp name
yingwei says:
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
so pro d name
yingwei says:
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
yingwei says:
small red people lagi yeng lor
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
leng zai
yingwei says:
he must appreciate
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
yingwei says:
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
yingwei says:
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
ham sap
yingwei says:
i forgot you're short
[c=0][a=28] [Aсє ♫] [/a=30][/c=16] says:
i wont mind

with kian kun, the shortie monkey. =)
[c=15][ΓΌΛΕ]МїЙG×HØИĢ[/c=1] says:
i think putus cinta la him *referring to.. nobody!=)*
yingwei says:
not lor
putus lan jiao
[c=15][ΓΌΛΕ]МїЙG×HØИĢ[/c=1] says:
i dunno y *girl* choose *that putus lan jiao people*
yingwei says:
i also dont know
[c=15][ΓΌΛΕ]МїЙG×HØИĢ[/c=1] says:
cuz *the putus lanjiao people* too white jor
yingwei says:
she must choose him lah?
[c=15][ΓΌΛΕ]МїЙG×HØИĢ[/c=1] says:
i noe y
cuz wan safety feelings
yingwei says:
then she better choose gorilla
[c=15][ΓΌΛΕ]МїЙG×HØИĢ[/c=1] says:
is the best
deng u dont say choose a dinosaur
nehhh aliens ahh ...more better hor
yingwei says:
oh yea hor
i forgot about ALIEN
ben 10 alien force
[c=15][ΓΌΛΕ]МїЙG×HØИĢ[/c=1] says:
u got watch
ben 10 rox man

with zai zai haha. xD ben 10, lol. and he lanc me with his science result, so i lanc him back others subject, guess what? he lose! haha, loser. x)

have been long time never update and online already, don't feel like wanna online, kinda boring.tomorrow don't have dance class, lagi sien. == chatted with cousin bout new teacher, haihh. i miss Thomas lah, he's the nicest teacher. we had nothing to talk with new teacher maybe is because the age.. and what he said, he thought it was funny, and laugh damn hard, actually not funny at all. he don't even understand our cold jokes.. -.- pointless. don't feel like going dance class ady. haiihhh. that feeling gone. T.T what he taught us was too hard already, and he never go into details, just briefly do some steps and ask us to follow, and he'll say, try to follow if cannot never mind. then we cannot, he'll start nagging.. i ain't complaining lah, just i miss Thomas! =D


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